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Check Mepco Bill Online – Mepco Bill October 2024

You can check the Mepco Online Bill On Our Website. It is a Free Website to check your mepco bill online easily. You can see the Due Date and bill Amount, And also check the filled Bill. You can also check your Bills, Download Bill copies, and Print easily your bill duplicate copy for the payment of the wapda mepco bill. If you lost your mepco electricity bill or you are worried about collecting your mepco bill and the headache of paying the bill you are in the right place Because on this website you can check your electricity bill and download a duplicate copy of the MEPCO Bill.


If you want to check your mepco bill online you need to put your Reference number or customer ID in given below box and press enter. By clicking on “CHECK BILL” your bill shows on the screen and you can easily download a duplicate print of your bill.

mepco online bill

About Mepco

About Mepco

MEPCO Stands for Multan Electric Power Company. MEPCO is a Public Limited Company. Its Responsibility is to distribute Electricity in the Multan And its surrounding areas in the south Punjab. MEPCO is the largest power distribution company in Pakistan. MEPCO supplies the electricity to almost 13 districts of South Punjab, Pakistan. Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO) Generates the electric power from the water which is called Hydro Electric Power. It distributes electricity to approximately thirty-four million people in the area. MEPCO has a license from NEPRA for the distribution of electricity to the thirteen administrative districts of South Punjab. Multan Electric Power Company was Founded as Multan Power Supply Company during the British India era. In 1972, this company was nationalized. Then the Government Of Pakistan took over this company and listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange until 1985 when this company was de-listed from the exchange.

Mepco Bill:

You can Check the Bill Amount with the Due date on Our Website FescoBill.Pk And You can also Quickly See the full mepco Bill online. You can view more information Such as Meter Reading Date, Bill Amount On the Due Date, and Bill Amount after the due date With a fine. If you want to check whether the Bill is Paid or Not or you want to see 12-month information You can see the MEPCO bill Official Website Mentioned above.

mepco bill online

Mepco Bill Information:

1. Customer Information:

  • Customer Name: The full name of the account holder.
  • Address: The physical location associated with the electricity connection.
  • Consumer Number: A unique identifier for the consumer.

2. Billing Period:

  • The specific timeframe for which the electricity usage is being billed, typically one month.

3. Previous Balance:

  • The outstanding balance from the previous billing cycle or accumulated balances from previous months.

4. Current Charges:

  • Charges incurred for the electricity consumed during the current billing period.

5. Taxes and Other Charges:

  • MEPCO Charges: The cost associated with the services provided by the Multan Electric Power Company.
  • Government Taxes: Levies imposed by the government for electricity development.

6. Due Date:

  • The deadline by which the bill must be paid to avoid any late payment penalties or fines.

7. Total Charges:

  • Current Bill: The sum of charges for the current month’s electricity consumption.
  • Total FPA (Fuel Price Adjustment): Additional charges or adjustments related to fuel prices.
  • Payable Within Due Date: The total amount due if paid on or before the specified due date.
  • Payable After Due Date: The amount to be paid if the bill is settled after the due date.

Additional Details Of Mepco Bill:

  • Reading Date: The date on which the electricity meter reading was recorded.
  • Issue Date: The date when the bill is generated and issued to the customer.
  • Due Date of the Bill: The final date by which the payment must be made to avoid penalties.

Areas Under MEPCO:

Areas Under MEPCO

MEPCO the Electricity Supply Company Provides electricity and Care and feeding in the following cities.

Sr#StationSub Stations
1BahawalpurBahawalpur, Khairpur Tamewali, Mandi Yazman, Hasilpur, Ahmadpur East
2BahawalnagarBahawalnagar, Minchanabad, Chishtian, Haroonabad, Fort Abbas
3Dera Ghazi KhanDera Ghazi Khan, Kot Chutta, Taunsa, Koh e Suleman
4KhanewalKhanewal, Mian Channu, Kabirwala, Jahanian
5Kot AdduKot Addu, Chowk Munda
6LodhranLodhran, Kehror Pacca, Dunyapur
7LayyahLayyah, Chaubara, Karor Lal Esan
8MultanJalalpur Pirwala, Multan City, Multan Sadar, Shujabad
9MuzaffargarhMuzaffargarh, Alipur, Jatoi
10PakpattanPakpattan, Arifwala
11Rahim Yar KhanRahim Yar Khan, Sadiqabad, Liaquatpur, Khanpur
12RajanpurRajanpur, Jampur, Rojhan
13SahiwalSahiwal, Chichawatni
14VehariVehari, Mailsi, Burewala

All these cities use electricity from Multan Electric supply company and all they can check his bill online from our website and Also they download into a duplicate print Copy.

Peak Hours Of MEPCO:

Peak Hours define a time when have more load on MEPCO and in this time MEPCO recommends using less electricity which affects your bill amount. It means that if you want to get a Less Amount of Electricity Bill you have to Decrease the Consumption of Electricity During the Peak Hours. It also helps to Stabilize Electricity in the entire Region. Multan Electric Supply Compney – Mepco Peak hours are Given Blow you need to use less power in this time and Decrease the Consumption of Electricity.

December to February5 pm to 9 pm
March to May6 pm to 10 pm
June to August7 pm to 11 pm
September to November6 pm to 10 pm

How To Check MEPCO Bill Online?

If you want to check your wapda bill online some Steps given below to check your MEPCO Bill Online are given below:

  • Visit website FescoBill.Pk
  • Enter The Reference Number Of 14 Digits or 10-digit Customer ID.
  • Then press the “CHECK BILL” Button to check the Result.
  • You will get the Latest Update On the MEPCO Bill amount.
  • You can see the Full bill or Download the Duplicate copy of your Bill By just clicking on “View Full Bill“.
  • You can view your Bill amount On Both Mobile and Desktop Devices. You just need the Reference Number of 14 Digits. You can also check your Previous bill duplicate copy by using the Customer ID. It is currently not possible to Check your MEPCO bill online by CNIC or Name.

How to check the mepco bill online without a Reference Number?

If you do not have any Reference Number to check the Oline MEPCO Bill, Don’t worry. Here are some steps you can follow to check the MEPCO Bill Without Reference Number.

  • STEP 1: If you want to check your MEPCO Bill, Just send an SMS to 46040 in the following sequence. NEPB STMT NO METER NO DATE OF METER READING.
  • STEP 2: After sending an SMS to 46040, You will get a confirmation SMS of your latest MEPCO Bill status. In this way, you can check your MEPCO Bill without Reference Number.

Note: You can check your MEPCO Bill without a Reference Number by using your Customer ID, Meter Number, and CNIC.

How to Check Bill Payment Status?

If you want to check your MEPCO Bill Online payment history then Follow the Steps given Below. By these steps, you can check your Bill Payment Status.

  • Visit FescoBill.Pk
  • Click On the customer Bill.
  • Enter The Reference Number Of 14 Digits or 10-digit Customer ID.
  • When you press the ENTER Button your Bill Payment Status will show on your screen.

MEPCO Bill SMS Service:

If you Have lost your old bill then you can check the bill information of MEPCO Bill online with a Mobile device or Computer. But if you do not have a Computer device or Internet Connection you don’t need to worry. there is mentioned the easiest way to get your MEPCO Bill Information. You can also get your bill information By the SMS Service of MEPCO. You can check your Bill By SMS. If you want to get Information By SMS then Just Type “pitc14 digit reference Number” and send it to 8334.

MEPCO Bill Online App:

Have you not gotten your electricity bill or have you lost it? No need to worry because here is the best information to check the mepco bill online from the official website. But if you want the app to check your electr it from the Google Play store or Huawei app store. But we highly recommend checking your bill online from our website Because it is beneficial for you. You have no need to download any application because you have available a website that provides you with real-time bills and old bills of MEPCO. On this website, you can check your MEPCO Bills Online.

Guideline To Save electricity and Reduce Bill amount:

If you want to reduce your MEPCO Electricity bill or any other bill, you have to change your daily routine. Read the Tips given below;

Unplug the devices when not in use

Some devices continued to consume electricity while they were off. You have to just unplug these devices like Chargers, Electronics, and small appliances when you are not using them.

Use energy-saving appliances

Check the energy-efficient models of appliances when you have to buy a new one. They consume less electricity and you can save the money in long run.

Replace your old Bulbs with LED Bulbs

LEDs are more energy-saving. By replacing the Old bulbs with LEDs you can reduce the consumption of electricity and by applying this you can see a change in your bill amount.

Use Natural light

By using the natural light of the sun you can decrease the use of light.

Insulate your home

By insulating the home it will decrease the need for the heating and cooling system.

Upgrade the insulation

If possible, choose more energy-efficient options to keep the home warmer in summer and cooler in winter.

Energy efficient fans

Choose energy-efficient fans before purchasing a new one.

Use cold water to wash clothes

  • By using cold water for washing clothes in the machine you can save an amount of energy.
  • Dry clothes naturally;
  • Try to dry the clothes in the sunlight. It will reduce the consumption of energy of Dryers.

Avoid peak hours

Try to reduce electricity consumption in peak hours by turning off the appliances and lights when no need for them.

Taxes To Pay Your MEPCO Bill:

Multan Electric Power Supply Company includes different types of additional Taxes on the consumption of electricity in Bill.

These are the Taxes which are added to electricity;


The First Tax added to the Bill is FPA. The term FPA stands for Fuel Price Adjustment. the charge which is added due to the consumption of Fuel is known as FPA.

TRS Surcharge

It is the 2nd type of Taxe on the bill. The term TRS stands for Transmission and Distribution Surcharge. The value of Taxes on the Wapda Bill directly depends upon the region and environment.


The term FCS stands for Finance Cost Surcharge. To build new infrastructure and projects in that Area, a certain Tax is added. You can pay these Taxes by online Methods. Taxes depend upon the region and the cost of new projects and infrastructure.

Deferred Amount

The additional amount added to the Electricity Bill is known as the Deferred Amount.it is added when you pay your bill when the date has gone. It is the fine for late paid of Electricity bill.

ATR Triff

ATR Tax is added due to the transmission and distribution of electricity lines in certain regions. The taxes are charged on bills to modernize and build the new structure in certain areas.

QTR Triff

The term QTR stands for Quarterly Transmission and Distribution. This is also added to MEPCO Bills.


This term stands for Adjustment or Demand Management charge. This tax is also implanted on customer bills.

EDS Surcharge

The term EDS Surcharge stands for The Electronic Data System. This Tax is added to Bills due to the Online Payment system.


Understanding your mepco bill online check is needed for managing energy consumption and staying Informed about Your monthly expenses. you can gain valuable insights by comprehending the different sections of your bill Such as; electricity connection details, MEPCO charges, Customer Information, Government Charges, Billing Period, and total Bill. By Knowing about the taxes on the Bill you can control the energy-consuming factors. Per unit cost of electricity is determined by NAPRA to fuel price adjustment charges, PTV Fee, Meter rent, GST, and Neelam Jhelum surcharges. each component plays a role in calculating your bill amount. You can check the Electricity bill by using our website and download a duplicate copy.

For any questions you can contact us we reply as soon as possible. For next time use you can book marks our website FescoBill.Pk.

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