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FESCO Bill Calculator – Calculate Fesco Bill Online [Easy Methods]

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Fesco is an abbreviation of Faisalabad Electric Supply Company. It is a power distribution company. The state declared the formation of FESCO in 1988 under the industrial ordinance. It supplies electricity to the areas under its jurisdiction. The state government of Pakistan has introduced an online management system in all power distributing authorities, including fesco. Customers can view and download the bill online. They can use fesco online bill calculator to calculate the bill. Fesco bill calculator comes in handy while calculating the bill. After calculating the bill, the customers can pay the bill online as well.

Talking about fesco, let’s see the areas that come under its jurisdiction.

  • Faisalabad
  • Sargodha
  • Mianwali
  • Khushab
  • Jhang
  • Bhakkar
  • Toba Tek Singh
  • Chiniot

How To Use Fesco Bill Calculator? Bill Calculator FESCO

How to use the fesco bill calculator is the first question that comes into our minds. Using the tool is not a difficult task. The main thing is that a person should know the requirements of the tool, and he should know what he has to insert in the tool to calculate the online bill. Let us discuss the essential terms with knowledge while calculating the fesco bill online to solve this issue.

Type Of Connection

You should know what type of connection you have. That could be domestic, agricultural, or commercial. The tariff rates apply according to the kind of connection. The different types of connection in fesco are:

  • The tariff A1(03)  is domestic
  • The tariff A1(01) is domestic
  • The tariff A2(04) is commercial
  • The tariff A2c(06)T is commercial
  • The tariff B1(07) is industrial
  • The tariff B1(08) is industrial
  • The tariff B1b(09)T is industrial
  • The tariff B2a(10) is industrial
  • The tariff B2a(11) is industrial
  • The tariff B2b(12)t is industrial

Phase Type

You should know what type of phase you have applied for. There are two types of phase connections: a single-phase connection and a three-phase connection.

 Single-Phase Connection: The type of connection where the consumer receives the electricity by one live wire only. A house with a limited number of appliances like television, ac, fans efficiently runs on a single-phase connection. A Single-phase connection can carry a specific amount of load. The electricity bill of a single-phase connection is also low as compared to the three-phase connection.

Three-Phase Connection: A three-phase connection means that the customer is receiving electricity from three live wires. People who have a more significant number of heavy appliances in their house always opt for a three-phase connection. A three-phase connection can bear the heavy electricity load. The electricity bill of a three-phase connection is usually more than the single-phase connection.

Units Consumed

To calculate the fesco bill on the calculator, you must insert the number of units used. You can insert them in the following patterns:

KWH: It stands for Kilowatt Hour. 1KWH tells that a thousand watts are consumed in an hour.

KVARH: It stands for Kilo Volt Ampere Reactive hours. A KVARH has a thousand volts ampere reactive hour.

MDI: It stands for Maximum Demand Indicator. It stands for the maximum amount of power used during an average measure of time.

Unit Field

It includes the fesco peak and off-peak hours.

Fesco Peak Hours: fesco peak hours include the time of the day when the demand for electricity increases. Due to the increased demand, the rate per unit also increases.

Fesco Off-Peak Hours: Fesco off-peak hours include all that time when the demand for electricity falls, resulting in lowering the rate per unit.

Meter Rent

The distributors usually own the electricity meter. So if a customer is using the meter of a distributor, he has to pay some amount with the bill as the meter rent. The amount of meter rent applies according to the tariff, and usually, it is Rs 15.

Service Rent: The customer should know whether he has to pay a service rent or not. Moreover, if he knows he has to pay the service rent, he should also see the amount.

Arrears: If a customer missed payments in the previous billing, like rents or mortgage, his account would be in arrears. He has to pay the due amount to relieve himself of this condition.

No. of Television sets

A customer should know the number of televisions in his house. There is a TV license fee as well. Customers living in the domestic sector will pay Rs 35 per TV, and customers living in the commercial sector will pay Rs 60 per TV.


 One should always know about the following exemptions. If any exemption applies to you, do mention that.

  • Availability of STRN
  • Sales Tax For Retailers Exempt
  • GST exempt
  • E tax exempt
  • IT exempt
  • ED exempt
  • Duty On Electricity:
  • 2% on commercial and bulk each
  • In agricultural 1% of variable charges

General Sales Tax: it includes 17% of the gross amount.

Bank Charges: the minimum amount is Rs 8

FESCO Bill Calculator

Steps To Use Fesco Calculator

To calculate the bill, follow the given directions

  • Visit fescobill.pk
  • Open the website and select the option of the fesco bill calculator
  • Select the type of connection
  • Select the tariff
  • Select the phase-type
  • Enter the number of units consumed in a month
  • Enter the meter rent if any
  • Insert the service rent if any
  • Enter the arrears if any
  • Enter the number of television sets in the house
  • Enter the exemption if any available
  • Press the calculate button
  • The electricity bill calculator will calculate the bill

FESCO Bill Calculation Formula

There is a straightforward formula through which one can calculate the bill online. Before calculating the bill, you should know the unit rates according to the general tariff of Pakistan. People can use the fesco bill calculator online, or they can calculate the bill by themselves. The formula states that to calculate the fesco electricity bill, multiply the total number of units consumed with the rate of the units according to the tariff. Then add the exemptions and additional bills. The answer will be your exact monthly bill. Fesco bill unit calculator does the same things. It only asks you to enter the details about the units, tariff, and additional bills.

FESCO Bill Unit Rates

For domestic supply FESCO units rate is given as:

A-1 residential  
For sanctioned load less than 5kW  
Up to 50 units Rs 3.95
First 100 units Rs 7.74
101-200 units Rs 10.06
201-300 units Rs 12.15
For a sanctioned load of 5kW and above  
Peak Rs 22.65
Off-peak Rs 16.33

According to FESCO bill unit rates 2023, Fesco commercial unit rate is given as:

A-2 Commercial  
For sanctioned load less than 5kW Rs 19.95
For sanctioned load up to 5Kw and above  
Peak Rs 23.55
Off-peak Rs 17.58

Fesco general services units rates are given as:

A-3 General Services  
General services Rs 19.51

Fesco industrial supply units rates are given as:

B- Industrial supply  
Up to 25 kW Rs 17.23
Exceeding 25-500kW Rs 16.73

Benefits of FESCO Electricity Bill Calculator

Fesco electricity bill calculator is a blessing for the people who can’t do maths or do not know how to calculate the bill. They have to insert the required information, and the calculator will calculate the bill. It does not require much effort and is very time-saving.


How to Get an Old Fesco Bill?

You can go to the official website of fesco and check the duplicate bill, and you can also check the old fesco bill from there.

How to Check FESCO Meter Reading?

To read the digital electric meter of fesco, read the number for each electric tariff displayed on the meter. The display will cycle through a digital or dual-rate meter, most commonly
10- element 1 tariff 22 or 31, which is light and power
20-element 2 tariff 41, 42,61, or 62 are applicable: hydro heat, hot water, or off-peak.

What is Detection Bill Fesco?

The detection bill is for the dishonest abstraction of energy. If he receives the detection bill, he pays it; otherwise, his connection can get suspended.

How to Check FESCO Bill Online?

Now the customers can check the FESCO bill online. There is no need to wait for the hard copy of the bill. Our website can help you check the FESCO bill online. For checking the FESCO bill online you need a good internet connection and a laptop or smartphone. To Check the FESCO Bill online you need a reference number of 14 digits. Follow the given steps to check your FESCO bill.
Visit Fescobill.pk next go to Check the bill section type the reference number and click on proceed, your bill will appear in few seconds.


Fesco online bill calculator has made fesco bill calculation as easy as pie. It has made every person able t calculate the bill. They can compare their self calculated bill with the original bill to remove any doubt.

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