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In 1997 National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) granted the electricity distribution license to Faisalabad Electric Supply Company. Since then, the company has been serving more than 4.6 million consumers in Faisalabad, Mianwali, Sargodha, Khushab, Bhakkar, T.T Singh, Jhang, and Chiniot districts. Fesco is counted as one of the best power supply companies in the country because it supplies power to a city like Faisalabad, the hub for textile industries in Pakistan. For the people living under the service areas of Fesco, approaching the company is fast, easy, and straightforward,get Your Fesco New Connection easily .

Like other power supply companies of Pakistan, Fesco also provides customer support services to its consumers at the ease of their mobile devices. For the people that are not available in the Fesco districts and want to apply for a Fesco new connection, Fesco is providing the complete online process. First, an applicant can visit the Electricity New Connection ENC website at www.enc.com and select the company as Fesco. Then, fill out the remaining details, upload the required documents and submit the form. This process will give the applicant an application tracking number. The number is used afterward for tracking the application. 

A person living under the areas of Fesco and looking for the electricity connection by the governments can now apply for the Fesco new connection online. There are two ways to apply for the Fesco new connection. First, the traditional way to apply for the new connection is by visiting the power supply company office, and the second way is to apply online for a new connection.

FESCO New Connection Procedure

Let us guide you about Fesco’s new connection procedure in detail. In the traditional way to apply for the new connection, an applicant 

  • Must visit the nearest subdivision office of Fesco. 
  • Ask the help desk officer for the new connection form; he will give you the form free of cost. 
  • Fill out the form.
  • Attach the required documents and submit them.
  • Upon verifying the form, the Fesco clerk will give you the acknowledgment receipt.

Fesco will install a new connection to your required location within a period of one month.

To apply for Fesco’s new connection online, please follow the steps given below.

  • Visit the link carefully select the connection type and Tariff (click the blue arrow button to see the tariff guide if you don’t know it already)
  • Fill out the remaining details.
  • Attach the following scanned documents in jpeg file format.
  • Property ownership proof
  • Applicant’s attested copy of CNIC. 
  • A Bill copy of neighbor
  • Attested copy of abridged Conditions 
  • Attested copy of NTN certificate       
  • Attested CNIC copy of the witness
  • No objection certificate from the owner
  • Attested affidavit of the owner
Most Important
  • Carefully read the terms and conditions.
  • Click the checkbox for terms and conditions.
  • Press the submit button. 

A consumer can select any of the methods to get the new connection. After successfully applying, the company staff will visit the location where the meter for the connection is supposed to be installed. Then, FESCO will build a wired connection, and the consumer will get the power connection from the company.

The whole process can take one month for the residential meter, and it can take up to 2 months for commercial meters. First, the user must pay the new connection charges. After that, the meter would be installed. Throughout this process, the FESCO consumer can get assistance anytime by calling the FESCO helpline number.

FESCO New Connection Application Form

 Faisalabad Electric Supply Company has made it easy to apply for the new connection. A person moved from a location will look for an electricity connection in the new place. In the old era, a person requiring the new power supply connection will have to visit the power supply company office many times before the actual installation of the connection. 

With the digitalization of every aspect of life, the Pakistan water and development authority has also made its processes available online. After moving to a new location, a person can now get an electricity connection with the help of a smart device. The process is simple. A person must submit a new connection application to get a new power connection.

The FESCO new connection application form is available on the official FESCO website. Visit the site Fescobill.pk and look for the new connection form under the customer services tab. A consumer can opt to apply for FESCO’s new connection online and for offline as well. Please head towards the FESCO new connection procedure guide above for both offline and online connections.

Fesco New Connection

FESCO New Connection Fee

FESCO’s new meter connection fee is Rs 3000/- for domestic connection. A consumer can opt to pay the total amount when submitting the new connection fee, or they can choose to pay the charges in installments. The company will charge an amount of Rs 300/- before installing the connection, and the remaining amount of Rs 2700/- will be charged in installments of Rs 300/- per month. 

After submitting the new connection application, the applicant must pay the new connection fee. Upon verifying the documents and visiting the physical location required connection, the subdivision officer will accept or reject the application. If the company disclaims the application, the applicant will be informed and guided to submit the new application.

For the accepted application, the power supply company will issue a receipt including the meter charges, tax fee, and line length charges known as demand notice. There are no fixed charges for Fesco’s new connection demand notice fee. The amount keeps on changing depending upon the tax amount and NEPRA charges. A consumer can check the updated amount on NEPRA official site. 

Read About FESCO Bill Payment

FESCO New Connection Status

Submitting the new connection application online or offline will result in an application number. Upon successfully applying, the applicant will have an application number. Don’t forget to note down the application number. The only way to track your new connection procedure is through that application number. When a consumer has that tracking number, they can visit the following link.

Enter the tracking number in the box provided. Hit the search button. 

FESCO Helpline

Faisalabad Electric Supply Company is providing 24 hours customer service to its consumers. In case of inquiries, a Fesco consumer can contact the Fesco helpline number at 041-118

The above-given number is the toll-free number of Fesco.

There are different complaint numbers for every subdivision office for Fesco. The contact details are listed on the official website under the contact us tab. To contact the Fesco office from across the globe, consider calling the universal access number for Fesco UAN # 080066554


Faisalabad Electric Supply Company is a distribution company licensed by National Electric Power Regulatory Authority. It serves the electricity needs of 8 districts, including Faisalabad, Toba Teck Sign, and Mianwali. More than 26 million people are using the power services by Fesco. Fesco has digitalized its system, and getting the duplicate bill, lodging an online complaint, or applying for a Fesco new connection is possible with the help of a few clicks.

There are two different means through which a user can apply for the Fesco new connection. The offline means: where a person must visit the Fesco subdivision office. The subdivision officer will give you the form to apply for the new connection. You need to fill out the form and attach the documents, including an undertaking by the owner, a no-objection certificate, the documents proving that there is no electricity connection already present on the physical location, and an electricity bill copy of any of the neighbors.

The other means to get the electricity connection is through the internet. A person willing to get the new connection can apply for the Fesco new connection online. The electronic form is available on the site. Download the form, fill it out, attach the documents and submit the form to the subdivision office.

Before applying for the electricity new connection, the applicant should visit the website to read out the necessary information to get the Fesco new connection. The government keeps the people updated with the changing costs. Every power supply company of Pakistan includes the tariff guide on their online portals, and a consumer can demand it from the company staff upon visiting the company office. 

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