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Longi solar panel price in Pakistan

Hi Friends Hope You Are Doing Well. In This Article, we will provide the latest information about Longi solar panel prices in Pakistan. In Pakistan, many people are feeling the pinch of rising energy costs. This has led to a surge in interest in solar power as a reliable and cost-effective alternative. Longi, a world-renowned brand known for its high-quality and efficient solar panels, is a popular choice for those looking to make the switch to solar energy.

Longi solar panel price in Pakistan May 2024

BrandPrice Per WattPanel priceStatus
Longi Hi-Mo 6 565/ 575/ 570/ 580/ 585 watt single glass size 90/453821660In stock
Longi Hi-Mo 7 580 watt single glass 18 bus bar n type size 90/454224150In stock
Longi HiMo 5 560/555 watt single glass p type mono facial panel size 90/453720535In stock
Longi HiMo 5 540/535 watt single glass p type Bificial 90/453820535In stock

Main Features of Longi Hi Mo 565 Solar Panel:

Dimensions2274×1134×35mm (89.53×44.65×1.38 inch)
Front Glass3.2mm, Anti-Reflection Coating
No. of Cells144 (6×24)
Cell TypeP-type Mono-crystalline
Weight28.96 kg
Output CablesTUV 1×4.0mm2 (+): 400mm, (-): 200mm
Junction BoxIP68 Rated
Weight28.9 kg (63.7 lbs)
Dimensions2274 × 113 × 35 cm

Popular Longi Solar Panel Models in Pakistan:

ModelWattage RangeEstimated Price Range (PKR)Key Features
Hi-MO 545W Mono PERC540W – 550W20,000 – 21,000High efficiency (around 21.4%), PERC technology for improved light capture, ideal for residential and commercial applications.
Hi-MO 565W Mono PERC560W – 570W21,000 – 22,000Even higher efficiency (around 21.6%) compared to Hi-MO 545W, suitable for larger rooftop installations.
Hi-MO 7 590W Mono Half-Cut580W – 595W23,000 – 24,000Half-cut cell design for better performance in shade and high temperatures, perfect for industrial use.pen_spark

Cost vs. Benefit Analysis:

While the upfront cost of installing solar panels may seem significant, it’s important to consider the long-term financial benefits. Solar panels generate clean, free electricity, significantly reducing your reliance on the national grid and lowering your monthly electricity bills. The payback period, the time it takes for the cost savings to offset the initial investment, can be as short as 5-7 years in Pakistan. Additionally, solar panels come with a lifespan of 25 years or more, offering substantial cost savings over their lifetime.


Longi solar panels offer a compelling solution for those seeking to combat rising energy costs in Pakistan. With prices ranging from Rs. 37 to Rs. 43 per watt, and popular models like the Hi-MO series boasting high efficiency and innovative features, Longi panels are a worthwhile investment. Their reputation for quality and extended warranties ensure peace of mind. By switching to solar power with Longi panels, you’ll not only save money but also contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future. Remember, this information provides a general overview. For a more precise estimate and details on system design, consulting with a reputable solar solution provider is recommended to get a customized quote based on your specific energy needs.

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