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FESCO Duplicate Bill – FESCO Online Bills 2023

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Fesco stands for Faislabad Electric Supply Company. It is one of the ten power distribution companies of Pakistan. Under the industrial ordinance of 1988, the AEB reorganized into FESCO. Fesco supplies electricity to about 4.6 million people under the leading authority of WAPDA. All the power distributing companies are modernized with new technologies to be on the same level as the outer world. The same is the case with fesco. Due to the introduction of an online billing system, one can view the fesco consumer bill online. Moreover, he can also check the FESCO duplicate bill online and take out the FESCO bill print.

These areas that come under the  jurisdiction of FESCO are

  • Faisalabad
  • Sargodha
  • Mianwali
  • Khushab
  • Jhang
  • Bhakkar
  • Toba Tek Singh
  • Chiniot

How To Get FESCO Duplicate Bill

The customers of FESCO have access to FESCO duplicate bills, and they can see it anywhere. They can also easily download the bill. The customer should know his reference number to check the FESCO duplicate bill online. Reference number: it is a 14 digit number written in the copy of the electricity bill, and every customer has a different reference number.

Sometimes, the customer does not have a hard copy of his latest electricity bill or misplaces it. In such a case, he can see the reference number from his previous bills to get access to his duplicate bill.

Moreover, To check the FESCO duplicate bill, the customer should have access to a good internet connection and a smartphone or a laptop. Follow the given instructions to check the FESCO duplicate bill:

  • Visit Fescobill.pk
  • Select the option of duplicate bills
  • The website will require you to insert your reference number
  • Insert the reference number
  • Click the icon of search
  • The duplicate bill will appear on the screen
  • Proceed to check the bill

FESCO Duplicate Bill Download

The customer can also download these duplicate bills to his devices and save them on the hard drive to keep the record. Follow the given steps to download the FESCO duplicate bill.

  • Go to Fescobill.pk
  • Click to the option of online check bill
  • Enter reference number
  • The duplicate bill will appear on the screen
  • Click to the option of full view
  • Click to the three dots at the top right corner of the screen
  • Select the option of download
  • The browser will ask for permission to download the bill. Click on the option of allowing.
  • Proceed to download the bill

Fesco Duplicate Bill Print

One can also print out the duplicate bill of FESCO. It is one of the best customer service provided by fesco. The customer does not have to wait for his copy of the bill to arrive at his door. Generally, the regional department of fesco uploads the online bill a few days before dispatching the hard copy of the bill. So, people who want to pay their bill before time can print the duplicate bill out and pay the respective bill. The method to print out the duplicate bill is explained as follows:

  • Visit Fescobill.pk
  • Click to the option of online bill FESCO
  • Enter the reference number
  • Preview the duplicate bill
  • Click on the three dots present at the top right corner of the screen
  • Select the option of print
  • Connect the printer with the device
  • Proceed to print out the bill

FESCO Tariff

The fesco unit rates are different in different sectors. The fesco unit rates in the domestic sector are lower than the fesco unit rates in the commercial sector. Similarly, the price per unit in the industrial sector is more than that of the commercial sector. The reason behind the difference in rates is that the domestic sector mostly uses a single-phase connection. The consumption of electricity in the domestic sector is less than in the commercial or industrial sector. While the other sectors like commercial, industrial or agricultural, use the three phase connection due to their bulk electricity consumption. That’s why their rates per unit are a bit higher than the domestic sector.

According to the general tariff of Pakistan, the domestic fesco units ratess are given as follows:

A-1 residential  
For sanctioned load less than 5kW  
Up to 50 units Rs 3.95
First 100 units Rs 7.74
101-200 units Rs 10.06
201-300 units Rs 12.15
For a sanctioned load of 5kW and above  
Peak Rs 22.65
Off-peak Rs 16.33

According to the fesco bill units rates 2023, fesco commercial unit rates are given as:

A-2 Commercial    
For sanctioned load less than 5kW Rs 19.95
For sanctioned load up to 5Kw and above  
Peak Rs 23.55
Off-peak Rs 17.58

Fesco general services units rates are given as:

A-3 General Services  
General services Rs 19.51

Fesco  industrial supply units rates are given as

B- Industrial supply  
Up to 25 kW Rs 17.23
Exceeding 25-500kW Rs 16.73

FESCO Reading

The task of meter reading is the responsibility of a meter reader. FESCO appoints different meter readers in different areas. Those meter readers read the electricity meter outside the house of the consumer. Then they report the status of the unit consumed to the regional office of FESCO. Customers can also read the meter to calculate the bill on their own. They compare the self calculated bill with the original bill. If they find any issues, then they directly report them to the complaint center of FESCO.

FESCO Helpline

Staff appointed in the customer services department of fesco must deal with the complaints of people. The fesco contact number is +92- 41- 9220184. The customer can call this number and get any information and help from the staff for free.


What Does FPA Stand For on Your FESCO Electricity Bill?

FPA means over Fuel Price Adjustment. FESCO is in a fixed FPA issue.


FESCO’s online billing system is a step towards better customer service. Customers can easily access their FESCO duplicate bill, and they can view and print their FESCO duplicate bill online. The customers can pay their online bills quickly while sitting in their homes. Thus, in short, we can say that this system successfully increased efficiency and affected the reputation of FESCO authorities in a very positive way.

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